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Kyuseon Hong_final presentation

Kyuseon Hong

Francois Roche Studio Fall 2007 at Columbia


Jordan Trachtenberg_Final Review_12.07.07

Situations of Materialization 

 After generations of conflict the Israeli wall has/is being built to minimize friction between Israelis and Palestinians. A total of 436 miles of wall is to be built dividing the peoples.

 The wall became a representation of the constant conflict of generations between the  Israelis and Palestinians. This large monotonous system has become a generalization of violence. But, along the wall there are extremes of situations, from hostile/violent to normal/peaceful.  I am interested in an extraction of these conditions, a materialization of these situations.


The Wall is a network, a connection rather then a division. Is has the potential to connect communities hundreds of miles away. With lack of water the wall can become an aqueduct, adding new infrastructure and establishing new potentials for communities to exist/thrive.


 This system is consistent and flexible. Ephemeral and permanent.  It has deformations that represent past conditions, current conditions and conditions yet to come. jordan-final01.jpg


As the wall dissolves over time the infrastructure acts as a suture, that leaves behind a new bind through infrastructure and remembrance of the situations before.



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john.cerone 07.11.28



Jordan Trachtenberg 11_28_07







The alternatives…. The two versions are the same system, with the same parameters using a different lofting cross section.  The one on the left was from the most recent presentation.  The one on the right is updated, attempting to reveal the slabbed nature of the project.  Both have good qualities…  thoughts?

071125_Agritect_v5.14 and the Folly


Here is the most updated version of the Agritect project.  Need to determine how to make a balance between the smooth, explicit extrusion on the left; and the open, rigis system on the right. 
(The left uses 1 curve to loft each node.  Middle: 1 curve each node, then a curve of same height between.  Right: 4 curves tight to create extrusion, creates tight corners)


Also, in an attempt to start interconnecting multiple seeds, a strange folly appeared.  Instead of connecting the edges, the seeds began to merge into a larger single seed.  It doesn’t fit with my story, or the ‘reality’ which I have created, but it is still very provocative.  Something to look at after the fact…