1. Two groups working on
-Robotic & Machine (design, trajectories, behaviour…) (fiction, application, references)
-Substances & Processes (as / pouring, aggregation, digging, weaving, polymerising, metamorphosing and more … / Scripting / Time Life / …)
2. Individual Work
– Scenario of aggregats geometry (inside/outside…), including a robotic process of construction. Scenario of an “incremental” variability step by step… with reprogramming parameter. Dimension of the maximum test volume matrix : 50x50x30 meter (LxWxH)
Conditions :
-uncertainty and unachievment (of each invidudual living part and collective structure)
-no pure privacy as an individual insulation, as a gate flat
-a minimum three store living (a cave, a flat, a attic)
-local negociation / no global control (on view, on air, on access…) for local adpatation, variability, as a “desirable machine”
– measurment and strategy of colonisation (no panoptic references but XYZ positionning /GPS)
– strategies of bio-mechanical robot (from low tech to high tech) / strategy of construction…even deconstruction / reconstruction
-neighboohood protocole (human swarm intelligencies !)

Possibility of a abstract location, or a location in a situation. In this last hypothesis the site is able to affect the “construction process” or by the specificity of the situation (chemical/morphological/topographical) or by the possibilities to use recycling material of construction from the site (car garbadge, river, existing building to recycle…)

Programm of the “urban structure”
A “politic” community, both collective and individualistic, as a social experiment.