Jordan Trachtenberg

Jordan Trachtenberg  |  GSAPP 2008

Situations of Materialization 

 After generations of conflict the Israeli wall has/is being built to minimize friction between Israelis and Palestinians. A total of 436 miles of wall is to be built dividing the peoples.

 The wall became a representation of the constant conflict of generations between the  Israelis and Palestinians. This large monotonous system has become a generalization of violence. But, along the wall there are extremes of situations, from hostile/violent to normal/peaceful.  I am interested in an extraction of these conditions, a materialization of these situations.


The Wall is a network, a connection rather then a division. Is has the potential to connect communities hundreds of miles away. With lack of water the wall can become an aqueduct, adding new infrastructure and establishing new potentials for communities to exist/thrive.


 This system is consistent and flexible. Ephemeral and permanent.  It has deformations that represent past conditions, current conditions and conditions yet to come.


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